You Are Fired

You Are Fired

Hey everyone! I have not been active since they fired me since they had terrible management. The employees were cocky and harassing me but everyone has their own way doing their things. This is the real world when you fired or laid off. You cannot blame people or complain but you have to take 100 percent responsibilities for your own action. You have two choices that you can make things happen or sit there to wish it happened.

Some of the coworker supported me along the journey even though I was fired for doing a good job in what I do. It is funny most people are not happy in what they do and living paycheck to paycheck. Welcome to the real world since we live with crazy people since you have to deal with those type of people. It will help you build some skill along the way. You cannot fix stupid since they do not learned from their mistakes or overcome obstacles in life. They want to live a perfect life but does not happen since every human being makes mistake in our everyday life.

There is no problem getting a part time job since you can a side hobby to support yourself so you can leave your job when you are stable. This way you do not have to rely on a job anymore.


I just want thank my friends and mentors who been there for me and gave me advices. Stay strong and never give up.

People Lack of Probiotics Today

People today lack probiotics of because we are not getting the nutrition from the food we eat. The food we consume is gmo, which is genetically mortified organism.  If you go to the local store or supermarket, you do not see probiotics supplement or that much yogurt. Most of them are fake probiotics, which has many sugars in it.  It is sad that they do not promote organic or natural probiotics in the marketplace today. Most of the supplement shop do not have good quality of probiotics or do not carry any in the shop. I am not here to brag about it but being honest and want to better your health starting today.


There are so many benefits to probiotics which I feel a difference and increases my immune system which I do not have cold sores anymore. It sucks when you get cold sores and people start picking on you. People will ask you whom you kiss and stop kissing the wrong people who are dirty. Its sucks to struggle with cold sores because we lack of probiotics that is why our immune system is super low.

It is good to take your probiotics daily, which you feel, a difference and increase your immune system. It takes time to kick in by eating a right diet.  You will see increase energy and more regular bowel movement daily.


Benefits of Probiotics

Helps with digestive issues like cramp, bloating, diarrhea, and constipation.

Reduced Allergies by fighting bad bacteria.

Boost Immune system having good bacteria in your body.

Helps with Lactose Intolerance

Able to Digest Food

Helps reduce acid reflux


Once I was introduce to probiotics I was hooked on it which I cannot stop taking it. After that, I share the product with my mom and my brother which they love the results with it. The results was regular bowel movements and helps with heartburns or reduce acid reflux. What I want to say is health starts inside your body, which is a fact. My family really thank me so much for taking care of their health and improving other people lives not only me.

Let us make an impact on people lives by changing their health around and spread the awareness of probiotics that people need. I am tired of people who are not consuming probiotics on daily basis.  People are lacking of probiotics today around the world.


Say no to antibiotics, which does no good to the body.





Are you tired of dealing with these people? The people who are arrogant, cocky, and stuck up. You cannot fix stupid in this world. You have to deal with these people in the real world when it comes to friends or business world.  You cannot change them but you can only change yourself for the better. In this world there tons of people who have arrogance problems since they got problems in their life. You do not need to worry about it.

When can you tell when they are arrogant which is when they talk too fast and too much within 10 seconds. You do need to waste your time on them but just push forward with your life.

In addition, when they boast about their materials thing does not do any good because nobody cares about it. They think they are better than others are which is not good at all, because they have egos. Nobody is better than someone else is but we have make mistakes and learn from it. You have to let it go and learn from it and do not blame others for your problems.

In the business world there lots of marketers out there which they do not care about you but care for themselves. Their attitude is terrible which makes themselves look bad or have bad reputation. Once you messed up its come back to you.


I try to be friends with people in high school and college but most people they think they are too cool so I cannot hang out with them. They cannot say yes or no the only answer they will reply I do not know. It is all about pushing forward in life. It is hard to find good people these days. I am telling you this because I experience this before and want to share the message with people who are struggling or need help. It is important to have good friends who are there for you and support along the journey.


The best advice I can give you is stay away from negative people like cocky or arrogance. Your best revenge is to be more successful and smile at them. Make sure you do not hate but forgive others. Always give even though you do not get anything in return which is tough but stay strong. It is actually good to put a smile on someone face every day even though they are going through a bad day or something else.




Does Clearpores Really Work At All

Does Clearpores Really Work At All

Clearpores really work with no harmful chemicals and no side effects at all. It does take time to clear up your face or body. It start inside your body then the outside. It will make your skin smooth and no dryness at all by the way. There is a three-step system, which is the cleanser, supplement, and moisturizer.  You cannot find in the marketplace because they contain chemicals, which harm your skin, and does not detox your bloodstream with supplement.


In addition, diet plays an important role in your body because it start inside your colon and liver. When your body full of toxins and does not come out of your body, which means your body, clogged up. Always make sure you detox your body and take probiotics supplement on a daily, which boost your immune system and your skin too. I am telling you to help you to improve your skin and body. Exercised is important which helps your blood circulate and get it pumping when you are running or working out.


Other thing is that most people do not wash their face twice a day or put moisturizer on daily which causes your skin to clogged up. It also create blackheads or whiteheads on your skin. It’s important to wash with warm water first then cold water. Warm water open up your pores and cold water closed pores, which circulates your blood, which feels soft and smooth.  You will not regret it at all but you got nothing to lose.


You cannot find clearpores anywhere in the marketplace but you can order online only. I got the product in the time and started using it which I saw results within a few days which the size of acnes and pimples smaller.  I got some complement from my coworkers and my family.  It is about taking care your skin and taking natural supplements to detox your body, which will you, see results couple of days later. When taking the clearpores supplement it is better to take it with temperature water, which means it has to be filter. You will see many results with it.  If you do not like swallowing pills at all which you can take apart and mix it with water but does not taste good at all.  It is better to mix water, which goes to your bloodstream faster than swallowing a pill, which takes 4 hour to digest.


Most of the people out there do not look at ingredients when it comes to buying skin care products. Many contains chemicals in your skin care products. When you buy products, make sure you read the ingredients and the expiration date too. If you have questions, you can contact Clearpores for any support or help.

It takes time to heal your skin, which does not happen overnight. In the beginning which stings for couple minutes when applying the moisturizer on your face or body. The acne decreases the size and bumps are gone, which is good news.

Baseball Players & Football Players Don’t Get Along

Baseball Players & Football Players Don’t Get Along


Baseball players & football players do not get along at all since I do not seem them hanging out together or talking to one other. Baseball players and football players have different mentality by the way. Baseball players do not interact with their fans when seasons comes or spring training comes. Football players remember when there from and facing so many adversities in life. Even though I am not a football player but good friends with them because we communicate together and push each other to become a better person. Football players love to chase their dreams by facing obstacles but baseball players have cocky attitude by thinking they are better than someone else does. I am just being honest from my point of view since I been through since one of old friend was cussing me and yelling at me that I did not know anything about baseball. It is okay if his friends thinks I am retarted or stupid but it is all good though. God really blessed me with good football friends since we have similar stories since we struggle in life. Baseball players are always have raging problems or take drugs when they pursue this as a career, which hurts them.


Baseball players:Clip-art-baseball-players-1




Brainwash by others



No Love

Money & Fame

Anger & Raging


Never face bad adversities in life


Football playersfootballPlayer


Give back to the communities


Uplift others

Communicate with other players

Face so many adversities in life

Good friends

Learn & Grow as person

Interacting with the fans

Pushes people to become better



All the people I ask told me football players and baseball players do not get along because of the attitude problems and money issue. Materials does not define who you are but all are human beings doing we love to do. It is all about coming together and being genuine friends. Football players and baseball players have different mindset for sure. I have to share this because I been through this and not here to brag by the way. It is my voice and want to share this with everyone.


I respect to all my football friends who supports me in what I do no matter the struggles we go together. Everybody is with me on this journey by pushing each other no matter what race or color you are.

Gotta Get Back To The Grind

You been wondering where I been so far since I have been so busy with my job. I just got back from Las Vegas from my business trip, which was awesome and made some connection by the way. I love the people and made new friends along this journey.


I been spending time with my family too and working part time job. I want to let you know how it is going so far which is not busy at all but people are harassing me but we live in a crazy world these days. You cannot blame people for problems but I had to report it to the manager, which he took care of it. I learned so much you cannot trust anyone in your workplace even though I am being paid by wages. I do not really care about the wages but I want to get out after my 90 days is done.

I am not happy at all because the workplace is not a good environment with full of negativity and sick minded people. It is important to have friends who are there for you in tough times and push you to be a better person.  I have to let my manager a week in advance that I am leaving so I can pursue my passion and work hard. I will be traveling a lot doing lots of work with my business. The one piece I will share with you is focus on yourself and be happy in what you do even though when life hits you hard just push forward. In my opinion, I do not care about my coworker and as long, you are doing your job.7240557-job-and-successful-workers-3d-concept

Car Porter Part Time Job

Car Porter Part Time Job

I just been busy with my part time job since my job position is car porter, which I wash cars and park cars that is in service. I also wash new cars when it has sold though. What I learned so far building the skills though and the people around me. I cannot leave the job though until my 90 days is over which goes on your resume. It is not good when you leave the job even though the wages are terrible. I take my job seriously and do my best though. Most of the jobs I had before which I  had learn a lot by making mistakes which no one will tell you how it’s done. My wages is 8.50, which I am being honest, and getting taxed a lot.

There are crazy people every work place since I got harassed but I had control my anger. I wanted to punch him in the head so bad but I had to tell myself to calm. Every workplace has rules cannot harm anyone but report it to the human resources center. I am glad that I controlled my anger and walked away from the situation.


To be honest I do not ask my parents for money anymore and plus they will not hand me money by the way. Chinese New Year is coming end of the month but I am getting old so no money by the way. This means I have to find my own way to make money.


I just want to let you know you must a job while you are starting your own business on the side. It takes time to build a business from scratch. In the real world, no one is going to help you until you help yourself.


Just want to thank the people who supported me on this journey from the football friends and other mentors who were always there for me since day one.

car porter job

Job Benefits:


People skill

Customer service




No freedom


Long hours



While you are working at your job, use your motivation to build your business on the side whatever your passionate about.  Never give up though and takes 2-3 year commitment. There will be struggles along this journey but there is learning curve to it.



Apply Credit Cards

Are you thinking about applying for a credit cards? If yes you need to be careful. Applying too many times can hurt your credit score so much even though you get declined. These days it’s hard to get a credit card because of frauds and people getting in to debts which they can’t pay it off.


Take your time to apply credit cards which has good credit limit so you don’t keep spending too much which helps your credit score. You will have to pay on time by paying online which is faster. The process takes about 6 months to build your credit which takes hard work and timing. When you have good credit you can get yourself a car or house so the bank can give you a loan which they trust you and you’re paying on time. Most of the young generation don’t have credit cards but they only have debit card and most likely they cosign with their parents so they can spend like crazy. This doesn’t help your credit score at all but it only benefits your parents only. I’m just telling you the truth and give you the guidance.

apply for credit cards

The only way to get a credit card is if you have a job or cash flow coming in consistently. Most of the time they give you a credit limit which good for you so you can pay on time and don’t go crazy spending luxury items. Make sure you just pay early on time and don’t wait till the last minute. The only way to increase your score is use it and pay it on time. It doesn’t matter what you purchase as long you pay for it with your own money.


Apply credit card wisely and build it your credit for 6 months before you apply for rewards credit cards. You check your credit score for free with is credit karma which I keep track of and paying my bills on time by doing online which is faster with no checks or mailing it back. It’s awesome going paperless.

lifeway kefir

Probiotics Help With ibs

Probiotics help with ibs because I gave a shot since we Asians are lack of healthy bacteria in our guts. Every day we are putting toxins in our body which we have a low immune system and bad digestive system.  Most yogurts are processed but the prices are cheap. There are so many benefits taking probiotics or kefir. Make sure you read the labels by looking at the ingredients and make sure it’s gluten free.

My stories is that I took it for couple days though which I have no more flatulence at all or gas which was good news. Also I have daily bowel movements which is a good sign though which is normal by the way. I remember I had corn and cheese for dinner which I notice no more cramping or bloating anymore. I was glad the kefir was kicking in my gut. It’s a good investment I made since I bought it from wholefoods. People told me it’s expensive though but it’s better than the healthcare system and I’m taking charge of my health. I’m actually getting my family hook on the health products that is natural and organic.

The kefir I bought was from lifeway kefir by the way.

lifeway kefir


Benefits of Probiotics


It helps reduce intorlance to lactose found in dairy products.

Reduces constipation.

Healthy bacteria in your gut to fight against bad bacteria.

Helps absorb more nutrients from food you consume.

Boost immune system

Regulates bowel movement


It helps with irritable bowel syndrome so much but you got nothing to lose to take charge of your health. Probiotics help ibs so much if you consume take daily and eat a right diet plus exercising too. I don’t want you to suffer the pain and took me a while to figure it out. People need to be more alert about the ingredients in our food. Most of the food are in high calories but low in nutrition.



I suggest doing a detox first by flushing all the toxins out of your body before you take probiotics or kefir. Most of us have bad bacteria in our guts and chemicals in our body. It’s important to flush it out to get benefits and feel great about your body. Also add fiber to your diet and probiotics to make your gut feel healthy and good. We need to go organic or natural probiotics. Start today to fix your health solutions by doing it right now. Don’t wait at all because you will suffer.

Chinese People

Chinese People

It’s just raining here in southern California and about to head to work though. I just want to share you that some employee are racists at work and in my head this guy doesn’t know watch he say though. I was mad at the time and had to let it go. Also this person doesn’t have good life so he puts negativity toward others. No other race is better than you. All of us are human beings which skin colors don’t matter. People need to show respect and love to everyone. Everywhere I go out I see most of the people are surrounded by their own race. In the real world people are still racists these days which you can’t change. Most of the part I see lots of Asian people hanging out with white people but I don’t see any black people.  Most of the part Chinese people don’t like black people because we were told they smell and bad people. In any Asian culture were told don’t ever marry a black person. I was told by some of my families’ member but I didn’t listen to them at all. I’m just glad be to humble and be open to others by making new friends. Chinese people need to need to make friends with black people because we can learn and understand each other. It’s time to show respect and love towards others. We need to quit judging others by our stereotypes. Let’s get along with each other and make the world a better place. For things to change we need to change.


I just want to thank the football buddies for sharing your stories about your life and being honest since people are still racists. I been to the hood before which is Inglewood and Compton which most of these people face lots of adversities in life. I’m not here to brag though and it’s their stories they share to turn from a negative to positive life.