Baseball Players & Football Players Don’t Get Along

Baseball Players & Football Players Don’t Get Along


Baseball players & football players do not get along at all since I do not seem them hanging out together or talking to one other. Baseball players and football players have different mentality by the way. Baseball players do not interact with their fans when seasons comes or spring training comes. Football players remember when there from and facing so many adversities in life. Even though I am not a football player but good friends with them because we communicate together and push each other to become a better person. Football players love to chase their dreams by facing obstacles but baseball players have cocky attitude by thinking they are better than someone else does. I am just being honest from my point of view since I been through since one of old friend was cussing me and yelling at me that I did not know anything about baseball. It is okay if his friends thinks I am retarted or stupid but it is all good though. God really blessed me with good football friends since we have similar stories since we struggle in life. Baseball players are always have raging problems or take drugs when they pursue this as a career, which hurts them.


Baseball players:Clip-art-baseball-players-1




Brainwash by others



No Love

Money & Fame

Anger & Raging


Never face bad adversities in life


Football playersfootballPlayer


Give back to the communities


Uplift others

Communicate with other players

Face so many adversities in life

Good friends

Learn & Grow as person

Interacting with the fans

Pushes people to become better



All the people I ask told me football players and baseball players do not get along because of the attitude problems and money issue. Materials does not define who you are but all are human beings doing we love to do. It is all about coming together and being genuine friends. Football players and baseball players have different mindset for sure. I have to share this because I been through this and not here to brag by the way. It is my voice and want to share this with everyone.


I respect to all my football friends who supports me in what I do no matter the struggles we go together. Everybody is with me on this journey by pushing each other no matter what race or color you are.

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